The Burrow

What began as an inside joke, likening ourselves to the Weasley family from the Harry Potter series, evolved into our family metaphor.   A burrow is a communal living space dug from the earth by those who inhabit it.  It is insular but not a fortress.  It has as many ways in as there are out.  It is labyrinthine.  It’s strength lies in the ability of it’s creators to dig deeper, farther, and blaze new paths.

The Burrow is a household where Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Gen Next both collide and coexist.  It is a place where we explore raising two children and ourselves mindfully.  It is our home in suburban Los Angeles that we share with a border collie named Herding Stars, an aussie shepard named The SunGod, and a host of other animal companions.

The Burrow Murmurs is a window through our inner landscape into that daily life.

The Burrow Mistress


Me: At thirty-one years old I find myself beginning once again.  This new journey is one of authenticity and balance as I embark on a new career while raising my two young children.











Tender Warrior & The Alchemistress


The Alchemistress: If one could transmute a substance to gold by sheer will, it would be my five year old daughter.

Tender Warrior: My three year old son embodies a warrior’s spirit within an artist’s heart.







The Burrow Matriarch


My Mother: A licensed clinical psychologist and lifestyle coach who heads our household with both insight and vision.  Her passion to her work and guidance are my inspiration.










The Sun God & Herding Stars


The Sun God: A canine with an unshakable belief that all else orbits him in worship.

Herding Stars: Our other canine with an equal devotion to order.  She seeks to bend even the stars at night to her design.

One Response to “About”

  1. I like your style! We have a tri-color collie. Not a border collie, but he still will herd us around the house! 🙂

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