I am your Mother &  your Father.

I am your Daughter & your Lover.

I am life, death & time eternal.

I am the cup & the sword.

I am the right and the left hand path.


You have no power but what comes from me.

The dying Son cast on amber leaves turns to Shadow.

A gentle breeze made of the thinnest air and rising veil runs through my fingers.

The fleeting twilight harkens him to the darkened cradle,

and the promise of Her uneasy lullaby to the haggard babe.

You wrap your arms around me and hold the Earth still.
The soft musk of your skin,
The heavy thud in your ribs that recalls the beat of tribal drums,
The charred taste of burning embers coats my tongue,
I slip away with you,
Down into the earthen hollow,
The center of myself.
Warm tangled flesh presses deep into the dampened soil.
On hands and knees you bore me back into the light.
Lover. Shaman. Bear.